Traditional MSW Curriculum

                                     Full-Time Course of Study - 60 Credit Hours


Year One (28 Credit Hours)

SW 505  Social Justice (3)

SW 501  Policy, Services, Programs (3)

SW 506  Human Behavior & the Social Environment (3)

SW 510  Research Methods for Social Work (3)

SW 520  Social Work Generalist Practice I (3)

SW 521  Generalist Practice II (3)

SW 651  Social Work Internship I (24 hours/week in the field) (5) SW 652  Social Work Internship II (24 hours/week in the field) (5)
Year Two (32 credit hours)

SW 561  Administration & Supervision (3)

SW Elective (3)

SW 581  Advanced Practice with Individuals (3)

SW 583  Advanced Practice with Family Systems (3)

SW Elective (3)

SW 560  Advanced Policy Practice with Organizations & Communities (3)

SW 519  Advanced Research (2)

SW 590  Social Work Capstone (2)

SW 653  Advanced Social Work Internship I (24 hours/week in the field) (5) SW 654  Advanced Social Work Internship II (24 hours/week in the field) (5)

                                                               List of all Social Work Electives

Course Code Course Name
SW 512 Social Work In Schools
SW 515 Child Welfare
SW 516 Addiction Recovery and Social Work Practice
SW 517 Direct Practice with Older Adults
SW 518 Child Welfare Seminar
SW 523 Social Work with Soldiers, Veterans, and Families
SW 525 Hunger and Homelessness
SW 557 Program Development and Grant Writing
SW 582 Advanced Practice with Groups
SW 595 Special Topic: DSM & Clinical Conditions
SW 595 Special Topic: Legal Aspects in Social Work
SW 595 Special Topic: African American Family: History, Tradition, and Community
SW 595 Special Topic: Study Abroad in Ghana
SW 595 Special Topic: Community Mental Health & Substance Abuse Disorder
SW 595 Special Topic: Addiction Treatment Theories and Models
SW 595 Special Topic: Opioid Use Disorders: Best Practices for Prevention, Treatment and Intervention
SW 595 Special Topic: Trauma-Informed Health and Human Services
SW 595 Special Topic: Human-Animal Relationships & Interactions
SW 595 Special Topic: Integrated Behavioral Healthcare Practice
SW 595 Special Topic: Biopsychosocial Pain Management in Behavioral Health
SW 595 Special Topic: Introduction to Sport Social Work
SW 630 Independent Studies in Social Work