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Department of Social Work: Learning, Research, and Scholarship

As social workers, we are reflective practitioners who examine the process and outcomes of what we do. We carry out this reflection in collaboration with the individuals, families, organizations, and communities with whom we work. The aim is to improve programs and policies so that they benefit diverse groups, foster individual and collective empowerment, and advance social justice.

Our approach to learning, research, and scholarship is the scholarship of engagement. By this we mean:

The collaborative generation, refinement, conservation, and exchange of mutually beneficial and societally relevant knowledge that is communicated to and validated by peers in academe and the community. [i]

Our faculty and staff are committed to working with our students and with community groups to create the scholarship of engagement.

[i] Task Force on the Scholarship of Engagement. (2010). Integrating learning, discovery, and engagement through the scholarship of engagement. Raleigh: Office of Extension, Engagement, and Economic Development, North Carolina State University. Retrieved from

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