Social Work Research and Engagement

As one of the nation’s leading research universities, NC State solves problems, builds partnerships, brings together great minds, engages students and creates prosperity. The Department of Social Work adheres to those goals and ideals as our faculty and students engage in research and scholarship, activism and engagement.

You’ll find our research in textbooks and journal articles, as well as at conference presentations. Our work impacts local families and global policies.

Teaching students how to engage in qualitative and quantitative research is integral to our undergraduate program. Our Research Methods for Social Workers course (SW 300) is part and parcel of that effort. NC State also offers research grants to undergraduate students. For more information please visit the Office of Undergraduate Research.

Since much of our faculty research is funded, many of our graduate students work as paid research assistants on projects. For more information, please see The Graduate School’s website.

For more information on specific faculty research, see the Faculty and Staff page and select a faculty member’s name. If you are a student with a specific independent study idea in mind, please contact an instructor with a history in that research area with a request for a meeting and potential mentorship.